Change your sofa — without changing your sofa

Change your sofa — without changing your sofa

The easiest way to update your sofa (or arm chair for that matter) is to change the throw pillows. And not just change their color but also their size, the quantity, the type (add a needlepoint one for example) — the options are endless.
Changing the upholstery of a sofa, on the other hand, can be intimidating and expensive. But it needn’t be; a slip cover from a large tablecloth or a piece of fabric is a great option to change the look and color without going all the way of new upholstery. I’m usually too lazy to actually make the slip cover but it obviously looks more finished if you do.
Another option I love (if the design of the sofa allows it) is to take out the backrest cushions and replace them with extra large throw pillows. Just make sure you use fillers that are stuffed to the brim to provide good support.
And one last tip from me: take this code CHANGEISGREAT over to the shop and get 15% off for your next creative “change your sofa — without changing your sofa” project. Valid for every product — who knows where your creativity takes you. Because we all need a little change sometimes!

Originally published at on September 18, 2021.

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