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Issue 002

Fall is truly here. And with it a flurry of things to do, places to see, friends to meet.

If you're like me, it gets overwhelming. We blink and it's the new year and I feel like we missed the whole season. How about we take a step back and get out of the whole frenzy? Leave the house undecorated - or just decorate for the Holidays at a later point (which I've decided to do).

Or get something great to read and really savour it. The world can wait! Have a look at what the lovely Leah from InKind magazine wrote about me and many other, interesting women in the the third edition of In Kind. It's a whopping 104 pages, so you're definitely busy for the season. My Saint Valentine design even made the cover. To say that I'm excited is an understatement. Scroll down for a little preview of the diary I wrote for In Kind about my office renovation - and get a first look at the finished space as well as a sustainability check on the decoration.

Stay Conscious & Bold!


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Sustainable Office renovation with organic linen and organic cotton textiles and green wise certified paint.

An Excerpt from In Kind No.3

"I always knew I wanted to create a space for my business in our new house. [...] Our house offered us a blank canvas with a half finished attic. [It] wasn't finished when moved in and it was fascinating to see the change each day, evolving from a dark, uninviting space to the room today, flooded with sunlight."

Desk decorated with organic linen tablecloth and mid century lamp and banker's chair.

"After trying out many shades of pink, green and gray, I settled on a very light beige [for the wall color], almost like natural linen in color. We painted the whole room with it, including ceilings and trim. [...] I decided to leave the doors in the room in their dark brown color, matching the table. The reds in both woods started to speak to me and the whole scheme began to fall into place. In a spur of the moment, I added another desk to the far end of the room. It looks pretty, with a tablecloth in Red Palm from my first collection, and a gorgeous mid-century lamp. Vintage posters from my favorite skiing resort in Switzerland somehow complete the look."

Sustainable interiors for a home office with sisal carpet, organic cotton and organic linen textiles as well as vintage and antique furniture.

Sustainable Interiors Check

The paint is Green Wise certified "Morning Glory" from Backdrop. The carpet is Sisal carpet tiles that we installed ourselves from Sisal Carpet. In case we ever move, I can actually take them with me! 
The window treatment is a temporary solution: Turkish Towel made from Organic Cotton. I will reuse them of course (if you must do a temporary solution, always opt for reusability!). I have a particular design from my second collection in mind that will go here.
And all the furniture, lights, etc is vintage or antique.
But, and here comes the big one: the construction was pretty much out of my hands. Understandably, contractors prefer tried and tested methods when it comes to their trade. I'm not saying that we didn't make an effort but rather that we still have some ways to go until everyone is on board of our sustainable quest. But it bears repeating: every little step counts!
Sustainable and organic table setting with floral pattern.

Fall Decor - but conscious

If my small anti-Fall decor rant didn't put you off decorating your house, how about doing it as sustainable as possible this year? Ditch the fresh pumpkin for a DIY reusable one, or get some colorful corn that you can reuse every year. 
That is the general idea behind all decor: only purchase items you can reuse every year. Get crafty and creative with it and you won't be bored by doing the same decorations every year.
Or be like me: ditch the fall decor and merge it into a cold season decor. And make your table settings the center of attention (#shamelessplug).
What do you think? Will you ditch the decor craze or can't you live without it? Let me know!
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