Care Tips

All our textiles are made from Certified Organic Linen and Certified Organic Cotton. If you treat them right, they will last you a life time.

Wash them at 40ºC or warm. It’s best to dry them on the line away from the sun. Iron them slightly damp or mist them with water before you iron. Set the iron to linen or hot and don’t use starch (no, really, don't).

On the occasion that there is a stain, immediately soak in water, then wash as usual. Don’t dry clean them, don’t use bleach or stain removers.

Don’t wring the wet linen, it breaks the fibre and you won't recover it. The same goes for tumble drying. If you have to, you can tumble dry on delicate and low but better to avoid.

Your fabrics will thank you and become more beautiful as time goes.