Sophie von Oertzen, Founder of Sophie Williamson Fabrics, landing against a panelled wall, with a family room in the background.

The Idea

Sophie Williamson Fabrics’ founder, Sophie von Oertzen, was always on the hunt for the right, colourful fabric - for tablecloths, for curtains, for bed throws - sometimes using bed throws as curtains just to get the right pattern. After years of searching, a move across the globe to sunny Singapore, a third kid, a lay off and a mental crisis, she decided to finally start producing the fabrics she craved herself. Being an ardent believer in the inevitability of sustainable textiles, it was clear for her that she could never sell a product that doesn’t meet certain environmental and fair trade standards (please read more about that subject in "The Sustainability”).

All sounds a little easy, doesn’t it? Well, it obviously wasn’t and isn’t. But we don’t want to spam you with Sophie’s life story (she’ll happily tell you every little detail if you ask her, believe us). Just know this: she has an intense need for perfectionism, hates bad service, and thinks that transparency should be a no brainer, no matter the industry (again, more under “The Sustainability”). Oh, and she LOVES colours and patterns.