Bye Bye, Sad Beige - Hello Colorful and Floral!

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Round Placemats

Add a touch of color to your table with these whimsical placemats with an embroidered border. Come in packs of 6.


Linen Pillow in Wisteria Lane

I love oversized pillows and these are just perfect. The colors pop on my couch, and the linen is gorgeous. A very nice lady (I think Sophie herself?) told me to get oversized fillers to make them a bit stiffer which works perfectly. Haven't washed them yet but I think it should be easy! Super happy with my buy!

Linen Tablecloth in Dramatic Iris

The heavy, sturdy material is durable and resilient which works well for meals in a family with many young children. The colors are so deep and stunning and this pattern is great with mismatched china from several sides of the family. It brings it all together. [...] And it’s cheerfulness brings me joy every time I see it.

Pleated Lampshade in Paisley Pink

I love my lampshade from Sophie Williamson Design. The pink print is cute, and the size small is great. The quality of the lampshade itself is great also. I was a bit confused by the different way to attach the lampshade to my base but I figured it out [...] and I'm a happy customer now. Love that it's so unique.

Conscious & Bold Bulletin

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    Friends, I love to host. I truly love it - especially when the guests are good, nay, great guests. In fact, I'm known for my hosting skills (so was my mother, and her mother, and her mother; you get the gist). And one question I get asked on a fairly regular basis is "how do...

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    Who doesn’t love a good mud room? It’s the ultimate luxury; a space for dirty coats and dirtier boots, a place to hang those pesky backpacks, and generally a room for all the stuff a family has. Originally, mud rooms were purely functional spaces (and in many instances still are) but we all know that no space...