Let's Plan a Dinner Party

Let's Plan a Dinner Party

I know I'm not the only one who gets tired from the daily grind. I sometimes wonder when life got so busy (probably some time around the time we became adults?). I can feel a lot not always very inspiring. But I have decided to fight uninspired feeling. As I look at my ever full diary, I long for something fun to do. Come to think of it: why long? Why not plan? There we go. Let's plan for fun. Let's plan a dinner party!

A Quick Step-by-Step Dinner Party Plan

Sophie Williamson Design Dinner Party Guide

Step 1: The People

Grab a pen and paper and write down who you've always wanted to invite. That old friend and their new partner? The über cool magazine editor? Or maybe just your neighbors? The options are endless but I like to use one or two people as an anchor and then add more people to the list. Ideally one couple or friend that I know well and feel relaxed to be around. One person I know to be a hoot. Someone who has interesting things to bring to the table. Etc etc. It's all in the mix.

Step 2: The Food

I LOVE to cook. But I don't want to spend more time than needed in the kitchen when the guests are there. Very rarely will you see me serve a starter. I prefer to offer a good amount of snacks to munch on at the apéro before dinner (an essential part of any dinner party). With that in mind, here are my absolute go-to recipes for any dinner party https://pin.it/6FGCkO9SK. These are actual recipes I've cooked many, many times over.
Sophie Williamson Design Dinner Party Tips

Step 3: The Table

How do I make a table feel welcoming, beautiful and cosy without trying to hard (because that never works in my favor)? I use colorful table linens of course! And I use the fancy china, the fancy silverware, the crystal glasses. And cloth napkins, folded on the plate, which always looks very pretty. Add on candles, in all shapes and forms, and maybe some flowers (water glasses with mini bouquets of one sort are easy!), and you have the right set up to create a cosy atmosphere where everyone feels relaxed and at home.
Sophie Williamson Design Dinner Party Tips

Pro-Tip: The Light

I love to have people over. I love to bring people together. To have interesting and inspiring conversations. To laugh so hard my belly hurts. And to make people feel very at home and cosy. What is the best way to achieve this? Create the right atmosphere! And lighting plays a pivotal role in this! So repeat after me: "overhead lights are too bright, table lamps and candles make for great angles".

Sophie Williamson Design Dinner Party Tips

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