Sophie Williamson Design’s Sustainability Promise

At Sophie Williamson Design, we believe that crafting vibrant, beautiful textiles and products can and should be achieved while minimizing our environmental impact. We are strong advocates for transparent supply chains and the empowerment of customer awareness.

We also value sustainable practices to ensure the health of our customers. Most industrially produced textiles today are subject to a barrage of potentially harmful chemicals.

Our goal is to embark on this journey alongside you, our customer, because we firmly believe that only through collaborative effort can we affect meaningful change—for the planet, for ourselves, and for generations to come.

Let's embrace boldness and environmental conscientiousness together!

Ethical Sourcing

Image of production of Blumenliebe Collection at Five P Venture India

In 2021, we established a partnership with Five P Ventures India to manufacture all of our textile products, united by our shared values and a dedicated commitment to sustainable and ethical production practices. The Five P textile facility not only upholds stringent eco-friendly production standards but also places a strong emphasis on the welfare of its workforce, with a remarkable seventy-five percent of its employees being women. Through our collaboration with Five P, Sophie Williamson Design customers can have unwavering confidence that every item we offer has been ethically sourced.

Organic Textiles & Ethical Production Methods

We exclusively employ certified organic GOTS-certified cotton and linen in our production. Our rationale extends beyond just reducing our carbon footprint; we are resolute in taking a further step by abstaining from pesticides to minimize our environmental impact.

We use low impact dyes. These dyes have earned the eco-friendly classification under the Oeko-Tex Standard 100, an internationally recognized certification process. Generally, low impact dyes do not contain harmful chemicals or mordants (which fix the dye to the fabric), necessitate less rinsing, and exhibit a high absorption rate in the fabric, approximately 70%. These high absorption rates, coupled with reduced rinse water usage, contribute to less wastewater generation.

Ecological Packaging

We are extremely mindful of the worldwide ramifications of plastic usage. This is why we have joined forces with eco-friendly custom packaging companies that enable our small, boutique business to furnish our customers with eco-conscious shipping materials.

We are well aware that the quest for ever more sustainable alternatives is an ongoing journey, and we remain vigilant in our search for even greener solutions.


Another significant factor contributing to the environmental footprint of our small enterprise is our manufacturing in India and sales in the United States and Europe. To counterbalance this aspect of our operations, we are delighted to be a Proud Forest Partner of the fabulous SUGi Project, which actively aids local communities across the globe in the creation of diverse, native forests.

Customer Input

We're always open to suggestions, questions, critiques. Don't ever hesitate to reach out to us via We look forward to hearing from you!