Sustainability Goals and Achievements

At Sophie Williamson Design we believe that creating beautiful colorful textiles and products can and should be done with a reduced environmental footprint. We believe in the transparency of supply chains and in the power of customer knowledge. We want to take you on this journey with us. Only if we work together can we make a change - for the planet, for us, for the future. Let's be Conscious and Bold!

There are many steps in achieving our goals of a greener product. Here are the measure we have implemented thus far as well as what we're planning on implementing in the future:

Ethical sourcing

For our first collection we worked with Supplycompass, a sourcing platform that is revolutionising supply chains through radical transparency and a user friendly system. Supplycompass assured us of the supply chain of my product and of the ethical treatment of the workers. It was a treat working with them and I don't think I could have made my dream a reality without them. Having said that, we're always happy to hear about new producers and manufacturing options.

Sustainable Fabrics

When we looked at the various possibilities for fabrics, linen was the choice for our first collection. Its green accolades are plentiful and it is one of the most luxurious textiles for interiors. There are, however, many great choices for ecological textiles out there that we can't wait to discover.

Fabric Reactive Dyes

Dyes are the part of textile production with hands down the worst environmental footprint. However, natural dyes have a lower light fastness than synthetic dyes, which is an important factor to consider. Our first collection was printed with Huntsman digital printers and the fabrics are printed with Huntsman NOVACRON® ADVANCE. We are still dreaming of naturally dyed fabrics for our products, and are always on the lookout to make this dream a reality.

Ecological Packaging

Currently, our packaging comes from NoIssue - compostable mailers and tissue paper printed with soy ink are how we send out orders at the moment. We loved working with NoIssue (check out this little interview Sophie did with them recently!) but we also know that everything moves when it comes to developing more sustainable options, so we're keeping our hearts and ears open for new and even greener solutions.

Free Shipping

Another whopper that increases the environmental footprint of our little company is that we offer free shipping. We try to offset this part of the business by regularly supporting the amazing SUGi Project who are supporting local communities worldwide in building diverse native forests. We're hoping to put even more effort into our SUGi support soon.

Customer Input

We're always open to suggestions, questions, critiques. Don't ever hesitate to reach to us via We look forward to hearing from you!

Questions for our Team? Leave us a message!