Happy Steps to A Greener Life

Happy Steps to A Greener Life

Some might know this (and some might not) but Sophie Williamson Design is a business that was founded with the idea to be as green as possible. For a good time I struggled with this goal and sustainable perfectionism had me in a choke hold, not just for my business but also in my personal life.

I had an 'all or nothing' mentality and felt overwhelmed with the sheer task of getting it all perfect on the first try. The more I looked into climate change, sustainable production, living a healthy life, the more I felt inadequate to tackle any of it.

And then I finally came to the realisation (=saw an Instagram post) that a greener lifestyle really is all about progress over perfection.

Finally! That was it. I realised that I needed to feel less doomsday and more future positive. I could see it all more as a chance to try new things, add new ways of living to my daily routines and for my business PLUS find joy in all of it.

I know making our lives a greener and happier life is possible. Have a look at what I've come to realise in the last couple of years - and let me know if I was able to inspire you.

Progressive Happiness not Perfect Rigidity

Sophie Williamson Design founder Sophie von Oertzen
I don't know how to illustrate this blog with photos so please enjoy an image of me, all dressed in sustainable clothing.

The main thing here is that we as humans want to be happy, we want to be positive. So my trick is to focus on the sustainable things that add joy to my life. And I want to not put so much pressure on me to get it all right on the first try. This mind set has also helped me in so many other areas where letting go of perfectionism has made me enjoy moments more (like the Holidays or other potentially stress inducing moments!).

A Green Opportunity

I love some good retail therapy. Bad mood? Let's go shopping. Good mood? Let's go shopping. Meh mood? Shopping! This hasn't stopped. BUT how I shop has changed, and I has brought me so much joy. I still love walking through all kinds of stores but now I always look at the tags, and if the items aren't certified organic, I simply don't buy them. If I still think about it when I'm home, I try to find something similar from a sustainable brand*. 

My favorite way my shopping has changed though is that I'm addicted to thrift, consignment and antique stores. Nothing is more thrilling than browsing through a random thrift store and find something so unique no one else has it!

*I want to qualify this: I absolutely still buy things directly in the store. Progress, not perfection!

Uniqueness Overload 

I absolutely love the tote bags we made from offcuts from the Blumenliebe collection. I'm currently not selling them but use them for everything, events, sending products, etc.

Can I tell you my favorite and unforeseen result about quitting fast fashion, fast interiors and fast food? The incredible unique and special products I have found along the way. From lamps that no one else has, to unique fashion and incredibly useful ways to grocery shop, my life feels more interesting and fuller than before when I could just pop down to Target and find it all in one sweep.

I understand that this can be a daunting task, and maybe you aren't sure where to start. But a little google goes a long way, and you can truly find everything online. A first sustainable swap could be to order a food box from a sustainable grocer. Or to start replacing a target run when you feel the need for some retail therapy with a thrift store. Or to check out what native plants you could plant in your garden next season. Start small and you'll see that it isn't difficult and adds a lot to your day to day life.

What could be your first happy green swap in your life? Let me know in the comments!

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