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How to set a bright and cheerful Holiday tablescape

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Tablescape Tuesdays - Tips & Tricks

Many people have asked me about tablescapes. Which print would I use in what setting, how I would style it, how do I know which colors work, which china to use, etc.
I always answer the same thing: practice! I have been setting tables since I was old enough to carry a crystal glass without breaking it (for those of you wondering when that was: three years old according to my mother).

And with practice comes trial and error. Just ask my family how many times I have set tables with a scheme in mind only to throw everything out and start again (a certain level of neurotic perfectionism comes in handy at this point, much to the chagrin of my husband and kids).

But I think I have collected a couple of useful knacks that I always return to, most of the times without even noticing. And as I love to share my wisdom (I mean who doesn’t?), I thought I’d let you in on my not-so secret secrets of a successful table scape!

Don't be scared of your own trials and errors. Hone your eye to what you like and what you don't like - and let things grow on you, especially when it comes to mixing patterns and prints.

Now to the fun part: With the the Holidays being upon us in full force during this unusual year, I have started thinking about our Christmas table. I admit I like to stand out from the crowd. I love doing an unexpected but still festive Christmas table setting with a good mix of bold and beautiful colors. Ready to be inspired? Scroll down to see my three favorite color schemes, and which one we will have this year!

Three unexpected holiday tablescapes that are colorful and cheery

Yellow and gold table scape with organic linen tablecloth and napkins

 Luxurious Linen and Elegant Gold 

Ready to make it opulent? A Saint Valentine printed tablecloth paired with gold, green and fuchsia make this the most luxurious Holiday tablescape.
Tips for success:
  • Stick to a color scheme. Let yourself be guided by the colors in your tablecloth, your china or your floral arrangement.
  • Use a heavy weight linen tablecloth; the weight of the fabric adds to the luxurious look and feel.
  • Use the same pattern or a well-matched one for your napkins, ideally in a similar fabric than your tablecloth. We have used our Red Palm linen napkins here, the pattern works beautifully with the more dominant yellows of Saint Valentine.
  • When it comes to your table setting, the more china, silverware, glasses you lay out, the more elegant your table looks. Use chargers to anchor your china and set out a glass for every drink pairing (White wine for fish? Red for meat? Champagne for the dessert?)
  • Add well considered metallic accents such as gold votives, brass vases or gold Christmas baubles.
  • Candles, candles, candles. Nothing adds a more beautiful light and makes the gold accents shine than candles. Play with the size and height of your candles. If you use candelabras, make sure they're either small enough to see your opposite neighbor around them or over them, or high enough to see them below the candelabra.
Blue and white table scape with blue floral linen table cloth and napkins

 Classic Blue and White with Silver and Green Accents

A classic in table scapes, blue and white has a gorgeous look that is both cozy and elegant. The floral blue print of Blue Harem is the obvious choice here. The natural linen background of our prints adds a layer of interest for the eye, and the pop of orange in the print lightens the look.
Tips for success:
  • Stick to white and blue for your crockery; if you want to mix it up, add some white china but no other colors.
  • This table is perfect for a Holiday luncheon or a Christmas Day brunch.
  • Use dark greenery to anchor the eye and give it that holiday feel. Add silver ornaments and some red accents; blue and silver are complimentary and look beautiful together. Avoid gold or brass accents, they don't work well with this shade of cold blue.
  • I've used Wisteria Lane linen napkins here; I think they bring the green and blue together perfectly.
  • Candles are you best friend here to make the silver accents shine. Again, stick to the colors of blue, white or transparent for your votives.


Colorful and floral table scape with organic linen tablecloth and napkins.

Stand out with Pinks and Florals

A personal favorite of mine, this table is a luxurious and whimsical approach to Holiday tablescapes. While powdery pinks and florals might be unusual choices, it looks pretty and cosy - a win in my book!
Tips for success:
  • This is the table where the natural linen at the base of the tablecloths acts as a canvas. Any color works but ideally stick to the pale/powdery/soft range.
  • Use a china with a floral pattern. Mix and match with either a similar floral style or a color scheme.
  • For a dinner table, I'd add candelabras in all shapes and sizes (as always, without constricting the view of your opposite neighbor!) as well as more votives. This is the one where you want to go 'laden table' look. Mix and match glasses are also your good friend here; best in green or pink.
  • Use pretty burgundy or fuchsia plants for your decorations. I've added crabapples from our garden and some greenery; for our big Christmas table I will add dried Rosehip.
Now it's over to you! Ready to make this festive season stand out with colorful and cheery Holiday tablescapes? Show me your results over on Instagram! And don't hesitate to reach out if you want some advice for your table.
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