Lampshade Fitter Guide - USA

We offer two three types of socket fittings in our US store:

1. Pleated Lampshade in E26 Uno Slipover fitting

Colors: Plum, Chartreuse, Paisley Pink

A E26 Uno Fitter is a large threaded ring in the middle of the fabric shade top tripod that you slip over the socket. NOTE: This is NOT a harp fitting and WILL NOT FIT many regular U.S. lamp bases.

Please be aware that these lampshades are excluded from returns for reasons of a wrong lamp base fitting.

A lamp base can easily be re-fitted with the correct fitting. Most hardware stores can do this. DIY is also an option.


2. Chandelier Clip On Shades

The most petite of the bunch, the chandelier lampshades are designed to fit sconces or tabletop light fixtures.


3. Lampshades in Harp Fitting

These lampshades come with a norm of a spider harp fitting.