Lampshade Size Guide


How to Choose the Right Lampshade Size

Step 1: Adhere to the 60/40 Height Ratio Start by following the 60/40 height ratio guideline, meaning your lamp and lampshade should ideally be in a 60% to 40% proportion.Sophie Williamson Design Lampshade Size Guide

Step 2: Measure the Base and Height of Your Lamp Take precise measurements of your lamp's base and height.

Step 3: The Shade Should Be Twice as Wide as the Lamp Base Ensure that the width of the lampshade is approximately twice that of the lamp base.

Step 4: Review Our Size Options and Make Your Selection Explore the size options we offer and choose the one that best aligns with your measurements.

Step 5: Or, Trust Your Personal Preference!

Feel free to disregard these guidelines and go with what appeals to your taste. Some lamps look fantastic with smaller or larger lampshades.

It's your space—decorate it in a way that brings you joy!