Pillow Inserts

Sophie Williamson Design doesn't provide pillow inserts. So what are good options for fillers for your beautiful new pillow covers?

Option 1 - Reuse the pillow inserts you already own

This is by far the most sustainable option and an efficient solution. And don’t forget to keep the covers you already have in case you want to use them again. If you’re done with them, don’t throw them out! Recycle them or donate them.

Option 2 - Purchase a wool pillow filler

Not only is wool soft and supportive, it’s also a sustainable choice. Many vendors sell wool pillows that have been processed with only biodegradable soap and hot water, so it’s a chemical-free solution.

Option 3 - Purchase a recycled down pillow filler

Down is noted for its extreme softness and cushion, making it a great alternative for a comfortable pillow. But by sourcing a recycled down pillow filler, you have the added bonus of keeping home goods out of landfills by investing in a product made from reclaimed from cushions, bedding and other used items.

Option 4 - Purchase a Kapok down pillow filler

Kapok is a silk-like naturally occurring fiber that grows on the ceiba pentandra, or kapok tree. The fluffy fiber is harvested from seed pods that naturally fall to the ground. Just as plush as down, it’s also naturally hypoallergenic.

Although we'd be delighted to offer recommendations on where to purchase these items, in the spirit of full transparency, we have to admit that we don't have a good answer for that yet. We will provide an update in this space as soon as we identify a supplier that meets our desired standards in terms of quality and affordability.