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The Lowdown on Dyestuff

What are fabric reactive dyes? And why is that important? And now we have to worry about the pretty colours on our clothes and textiles? Unfortunately, we do. And the issue of dyestuff is in fact one of the more complicated aspects of the textile industry that others have explained better than I ever will, most...



Supplycompass’ goal is to revolutionise the supply chain of textiles, accessories and home decor. Their system allowed me to define my goals for the production, tell them which part of my claim to sustainability I found the most important (ethical treatment and pay of workers, the least amount of water waster created, the least harmful...


Why Linen?

I've always loved linen but never considered it within the realm of sustainable textile production. Thankfully, I was introduced to Martin Bonney, a lecturer for fashion and textile design at Lasalle College of the Arts in Singapore. While he was excited about the idea of recycled plastic, he quickly pointed me in the direction of linen, "the...