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Chandelier Lampshade Ella

Chandelier Lampshade Ella

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Clip on Pleated Chandelier Lampshade in Blue and Pink Floral Block Print.

Height: 4 inches | 10 centimeters
Top: 3 inches | 8 centimeters
Bottom: 5 inches | 13 centimeters


Size Guide

Height: 4 inches | 10 centimeters
Top: 3 inches | 8 centimeters
Bottom: 5 inches | 13 centimeters


  • 100% Organic Cotton
  • Hand block printed with Low Impact Dyes
  • Textile ethically made by our partners from Five P Venture India
  • Frame made from coated metal


United States of America
Order Value 250 USD and above: FREE
Order Value below 250 USD: 8 USD
Lampshades excl. chandelier shades: 15 USD 

Order Value 250 EUR and above: FREE
Order Value below 250 EUR: 8 EUR
Lampshades excl. chandelier shades: 15 EUR

European Union
Order Value 300 EUR and above: FREE
Order Value below 300 USD: 15 EUR
Lampshades excl. chandelier shades: 20 EUR

How to avoid a dusty shade

Fabric lampshades can attract dust. The easiest way to get rid of dust is to remove the shade from the lamp and gently tap out the dust. Do this regularly and you will not have an issue with a dusty lampshade!

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