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Pleated Lampshade in Chartreuse with Euro Uno Fitting

Pleated Lampshade in Chartreuse with Euro Uno Fitting

Please read the 'Harp vs. Uno' section before purchasing this item.

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Beautiful pleated lampshade in cheery Chartreuse.

Harp vs. Uno

Please be aware that the fitter of this shade will not fit the usual spider harp fittings that are on most US lamps.

The lampshades come with an E26 fitting that slids over the fitter and is hold in place with a screw on ring.

Any hardware store can change the fitter for you, or you can DIY it (if you have some DIY experience).

We do not accept returns due to a wrong lamp fitting.

Learn more here.

Lampshade Sizes

8" dia on top, 10" drop, 14" dia on bottom

10" dia on top, 11" drop, 16" dia on bottom

12" dia on top, 12 1/2" drop, 18" dia on bottom

Not sure which size you need? Check out our lampshade guide here.


Orders in the United States are shipped from our warehouse in Michigan.

Order Value $250 & above: FREE
Order Value below $250: $8
Lampshades excl. chandelier shades: $15

Care Tips

A pleated lampshade can get dusty. The easiest and most efficient way to clean away the dust is to take the shade of its base and gently tap out the dust.

Do this on a regular basis and your shade will look great for many years.

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